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Project Planning

Everything starts from a proper project planning process


A top-level know-how for delivering great products

System integration

Sometimes, software by itself is not enough to get to your goal


We care about every project we develop. And we support it after the delivery.

A fresh new startup focused on custom software and hardware development from Rome.

Xenotech Srl was born in September 2020 in Rome, Italy. The know-how directly comes from the well-established partner company
Rait88 Srl, thanks to the investments made in R&D. The mission is to grow a solid company in the military, civil and space industries, as well as researching new technologies and solutions for new markets.


Thanks to our talents, we're able to deliver top-quality VR experiences using a wide range of VR headsets, from commercial to extremely high-end


Cloud services such as custom plaforms accessible from everywhere can be an added value to our VR or IoT products, or just standalone solutions for your needs


Our know-how and partnerships allow us to design and manufacture custom IoT devices that perfectly fit with our software

Career Opportunities

We're building the greatest team possible, and we want the best and most skilled people to join our team

The gaming workflow

Our core business is developing VR products to solve the client needs such as better performance for training programs, shorten distances even when it's not possible to get around, and deliver a top-grade immersion experience without the typical downsides.

Core Business

We focus on developing VR products using the same technologies used for creating video games, and we take that very seriously.


Our solutions are developed using cutting-edge workflows and interactive 3D engines, so to leverage the power of new GPUs and algorithms.

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Rait88 Srl. An added value for us, a warranty for you.

Rait88 Srl, an italian leading company in the high technology markets established in 1981 is the key partner of Xenotech Srl for developing large scale products and systems with custom hardware.

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